Occupational health

The world Health Organization (WHO) notes that poor working conditions result
in a total of 300 000 work-related deaths and economic losses of 4% of the
gross domestic product of the European Region every year. Less than 10% of the
working population has access to occupational health services in many European

WHO/Europe provides technical and policy support to countries in the European
Region for an effective and efficient implementation of the WHO Global Plan on
Worker's Health 2008-2017, in collaboration with governments, trade unions,
employers, professional associations and other stakeholders.

The Global Plan aims to strengthen the capacity of national health systems to
assess and eliminate risk factors in the work environment. Its general
objectives include:

  • devise national policy instruments on workers' health;

  • protect and promote health at the workplace;

  • improve the performance of and access to occupational health services;

  • provide and communicate evidence for preventive action; and

  • incorporate workers' health into other policies.

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