Online Visitor Invitation

Provide free entry! Use the admission ticket voucher as part of your sales and marketing strategy! Signal to your key accounts that you’re expecting them to come. You’re actually inviting them.

This is how it works

Select the language for the invitation and decide whether you wish to attach an admission voucher to the invitation.

Note: This selection will apply to all addressees of your mailing. If you wish to send a 1-day ticket to some customers and partners, and a permanent ticket to others, please generate two separate mailings.
Upload an Excel spreadsheet (format: .xls or .xlsx) with the addressees’ details.

When formatting your file please note the following: The first column includes the visitor’s complete details, “Dear Mr. X”, the second column contains the visitor’s e-mail address "".

Please note that only one voucher can be send per e-mail address and mailing. In order to send more than one voucher to one e-mail address, please create multiple visitor lists and send the vouchers in several mailings to your visitors.
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Now you can check your selection before sending it.

In the preview you can view your mailing the way your addressees receive it. Then start the mailing by clicking the button at the end of the page “Send Visitor Invitations”.
Once your mailings have successfully been sent, you will receive an e-mail evaluation of the sending process as well as an exemplary invitation the way your addressees have received them.
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Exhibitor hotline

+49 (0)211 4560 400

Further information

Admission ticket vouchers

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  • Get attractive exhibitor discount on every admission ticket voucher you order
  • Only vouchers that were actually used as admission tickets will be invoiced
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