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Only 77% of people wash their hands after going to the lavatory

Dreumex Omnicare

Dreumex presents hand care innovations during A + A

Poor hand-cleansing and badly disinfected hands can have unpleasant consequences, such as bacteriological cross-contamination, bad skin conditions and sick leave. Hand care programmes aught to provide the solution, but many end users and distributors are unhappy about the current systems which they use or sell. The innovative dispensing systems from total supplier Dreumex offer the solution.

Research proves that only 77% of people wash their hands after going to the lavatory. Most reasons named for not washing hands are: 1) dirty cleaning systems, 2) the fact that many cleaning materials result in dehydration of the skin, and 3) no or no topped-up systems.

This makes cross-contamination cause of sickness number one. We regularly see the consequences in the media, such as infections in hospitals and unhygienic situations in the catering industry. But also at more "invisible" places, such as in trade and industry, poor skin care leads to a lot of illness and absence, resulting eventually in unsatisfied customers.

Innovative solutions

That is why during the A + A international trade fair total supplier Dreumex presents two innovative solutions which can remove the big causes of bad hand hygiene and dissatisfaction. Dreumex Omnicare is a breakthrough for wash room areas. Dreumex One2clean is the same for environments where heavy contamination is concerned.


Dreumex Omnicare is an important innovation for wash room areas. The Foam products in this range make use of Instant Foam Technology. This technology makes an output of no less than 2000 hand-washes of only 0.2 ml possible with Foam Soap cartridges of just 400 ml. This results in the lowest costs per hand-wash.

Because the cartridges are completely closed, replaced again and again and the dispenser is touch-free, the chance of cross-contamination is reduced to a minimum. The enormous convenience of the system also contributes to optimal hand care; the cartridges are after all easy to replace, making topping-up a simple and fast job so that the system "always" offers enough cleaning materials. www.dreumexomnicare.com

Heavy contamination

For the most heavily contaminated hands there is Dreumex One2clean: a dispensing system which is suitable for several hand-cleansing and hand care products. In this system too Dreumex offers an automatic dispenser, so that touching is no longer necessary. The handy product cartridges and the "click-in" system for the pumps make One2clean very efficient in use, making topping-up very simple and the operating costs extremely low.

Dreumex hand cleansers and creams are also of the highest quality. This makes skin dehydration history, so that hand-cleansing again becomes a normal routine. www.one2clean.com

A + A

To bring the new possibilities on hand-cleansing under everybody's attention, Dreumex presents both Dreumex Omnicare and Dreumex One2clean during A + A, the leading trade fair for personal safety, business safety and health in the workplace. The fair has some 1600 participants and more than 60,000 visitors from 69 countries. A + A takes place from 5 to 8 November in Düsseldorf. Dreumex can be found in Hall 6 (booth B32).

Website: www.dreumex.com