Bongiorno Antinfortunistica SRL


Are  you a doctor? A dentist? Do you have a beauty center or do you have a restaurant? do you have a construction company? Or do you have a mechanical workshop?

Buy clothes for your work and your collaborators, view Bongiorno catalog and buy online, it's easy and fast!

This application allows you to view the latest version of the Bongiorno catalog.

15,000 references including workwear, medical shirts, beauty and hairdresser tunics, professional shoes, clogs, gloves, high visibility clothing, chef jackets and aprons for waiters, protective masks, disposable clothing, welder accessories, eyeglasses protective helmets, safety harnesses, safety helmets, first aid briefcases, torches, cleaning accessories, shipbuilding, signs and more.

Everything you can use, ready to go, to protect your safety and that of your employees.

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