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POSEIDON-300 fr-fabric certified to EN 20471

POSEIDON-300 flame retardant fabric HiViz Yellow

XM Fireline has developed a new protective fabric POSEIDON-300 in HiViz Yellow color. Poseidon is an innnovative polycotton fr-fabric with excellent durability and colorfastness. It's not a secret that flame retardant fabric is very hard to make in high visibility color. That is why we are proud to say that our Poseidon flame resistant fabric has been certified to EN 20471:2013 (High visibility clothing).

POSEIDON FR-FABRIC 300gsm | 80% Cotton, 19% Polyester, 1% Antistatic | FR-Twill 2/2 FR has been tested to colour performance requirements before and after Xenon test, colorfastness to rubbing, perspiration, laundry, water vapour and thermal resistance etc.
High visible properties of POSEIDON-300 fr-fabric are excellent, as well as physical performance. The chromatic coordinates are situated within the area defined by the coordinates specified in the standard EN ISO 20471 and the luminance factor exceeds 0.70, so that the results are inside of the «box».
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