PPE related accidents - identifying failures

Around 9,000 PPE-related accidents are reported under RIDDOR annually in the
UK, costing industry £252 m, with an estimated £96 m of this sum classified as
'not preventable or mitigatable' by the PPE provided. Failure to consider PPE
resulted in costs of around £49 m, whilst not using the PPE provided resulted
in costs of around £65 m.

A Bomel Ltd report - Evidence base for identifying potential failures in the
specification, use and maintenance of PPE at work has been commissioned by the
British HSE and published. It had the key objective of developing methods of
extracting and analysing the information from RIDDOR to provide an evidence
base for planning interventions to reduce such accidents.

The authors recommend that HSE:

  • develops an understanding of why people are failing to use PPE; and
  • identifies and understands the underlying causes of PPE failures, which may
    encompass lack of supervision, lack of awareness/risk perception; lack of
    procedures; and human error.

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