Dunlop® Protective Footwear

PUROFORT®+ ultimate safety taking safety and comfort to an even higher level

One fatal accident occurs at work every 15 seconds
Accidents and illnesses at work result in more victims than wars1, with on average one fatal accident every 15 seconds. Over 30% of all injuries are caused by slips and trips. And … most accidents are avoidable2!

Solutions are often simple and cost effective. The use of suitable footwear is one such solution. Footwear that is suitable for the working environment, safe and ergonomically designed. Indeed, the highest demands are made on personal protective equipment (PPE).

Purofort®, pure comfort
A lot of developments have taken place in the last year in the footwear industry, both on quality and appearance. The development of Purofort® technology has been a unique innovation within the boots industry. These boots are not made from the traditional materials pvc and rubber, but from a foamed polyurethane. This polyurethane foam consists of millions of air bubbles that help give the boots it’s remarkable properties. Purofort® boots are lightweight (35% lighter than traditional boots), flexible, cold insulating and extremely abrasion resistant. This results in an outstandingly comfortable and safe boot. Whilst being very cost effective due to its high durability properties.

PUROFORT®+, the next generation Purofort® boots
In 2005 Dunlop® introduced the next generation safety boots into the industry: PUROFORT®+.
The advanced ergonomic design delivers increased safety, exceptional comfort and a level of style never before seen in protective footwear; + strength + comfort + style

An improved fit, anatomically formed footbed, extra toe room, heel and instep protection, moisture absorbing inner sole, antislip soles with improved traction, optimum thermal insulation and a durable, tear and rip-resisitant leg make PUROFORT®+ a high quality protective wellington boot.
Available in an extensive range of sizes from size 36 up to and including size 49/50 (UK 3-14).

Source: International Working OrganisationSource: OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) en HSE (Health & Safety Executive)

PUROFORT®+ ultimate safety
With the PUROFORT®+ ultimate safety Dunlop® takes protection and comfort to an even higher level in 2007.

On top of the steel toecap and steel midsole safety features the ultimate safety offers special protection for the heel area. The heel protector is specially designed to protect the vulnerable heel area of the foot. The heel protector offers impact protection and also offers stability to the ankle area that can prevent the ankle from twisting. This is a very common occurrence when working on un-even surfaces. The heel protector provides:

Improved protection:
• Additional stiffness in vertical direction;
protects from sprain of the ankle
• Increased impact resistance
• Metallic colour for better visibility

Improved comfort:
• Improved support in the heel area
• Improved snug fit

The PUROFORT®+ ultimate safety is available in green and yellow.

PUROFORT®+ complies to the new European Directive
PUROFORT®+ boots comply to the new European Directives (EN ISO 20347:2004.O4.CI or EN ISO 20345:2004.S5.CI). This new European standard pays more attention to ergonomical requirements and properties of the insole.

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