Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

A pandemic is a global disease outbreak. A flu pandemic occurs when a new
influenza virus emerges for which people have little or no immunity, and for
which there is no vaccine. The disease spreads easily person-to-person, causes
serious illness, and can sweep across the country and around the world in a
very short time.

The US American Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has
therefor published a guidance document titled 'Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
and Response Guidance for Healthcare Workers and Healthcare Employers'. The
booklet is organized into four major sections:

  • Clinical background information on influenza

  • Infection control

  • Pandemic influenza preparedness

  • OSHA standards of special importance

Given the technical nature and breadth of information available in the
document, each section has been subdivided (see Table of Contents) in order to
allow readers to quickly focus on areas of interest.

The document also contains appendices which provide pandemic planners with
samples of infection control plans, examples of practical pandemic planning
tools and additional technical information. Topic areas include Internet
resources, communication tools, sample infection control programs, selftriage
and home care resources, diagnosis and treatment of staff during a pandemic,
planning and supply checklists and risk communication.

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