Münch GmbH + Co KG, Friedrich

Personal protection equipment for the meat processing industry

The choice of the suitable personal protection equipment gets more and more an important issue in the meat processing industriy. Friedrich Münch provides a wide range of safety gloves and safety apparel made from chain mail. Customized solutions and premium customer service are the strengths of FM.
The users focus is on ergonomic products which provide a comfortable secure fit. Not approved products and plagiate from China are present. These products can be a serious hazard for the users. Due to poor quality broken metal links/rings can remain in the meat and cause problems in food production.
Make your choice and go for top quality safety products MADE IN GERMANY.

niroflex 2000 – The best seller glove provides best hygiene conditions. Available as hand glove and with cuffs 7,5 cm, 15 cm, 19 cm, 22 cm and full sleeve. The new cuff design provides colored (represents the glove size), high flexible TPU stiffeners for exceptional comfort. Aprons and boleros / tunics according to DIN EN ISO 13998:2003 performance level 2 in ring size 7.0 and 4.2. By use of pointed knives aprons 4.2 are recommened. Aprons available in the sizes 75x45, 80x55 and 85x60. Boleros / tunics are available in the sizes 90x55 and 100x65.
niroflex FIX! – The patented Steel Tension Spring-System (STS) is exceptional flexible. It offers a simple but efficient fastening system for a comfortable secure fit. Available as hand glove and with cuffs 8 cm, 15 cm, 19 cm and full sleeve. The new cuff design provides colored (represents the glove size), high flexible PP stiffeners for exceptional comfort. The plasma welded ring mesh does not trap micro organism and assures less contamination risk.
niroflex EASYFIT – Available as hand glove, 7,5 cm cuff and 19 cm cuff for all kind of cutting, deboning and slaughtering operations. Major feature is the simple replacement of the colored TPU straps without any snaps, buttons, screws or tools.
niroflex knitstar / knitplus – high performance cut resistant knitted gloves.

All chain mail gloves come with a colored bar code tag for “track and trace”