Scott Health & Safety Ltd.

Phantom Vision Mask mounted Power Assisted Respirator

owered respirators typically fit the motor on a waist belt, but for many years the product of choice in asbestos removal and nuclear decommissioning has been the Phantom system with its motor mounted inside the facemask, reducing the burden for the user and greatly simplifying immediate decontamination after use.

Since its introduction Scott Safety have improved and enhanced Phantom to meet industry’s changing needs. Now Scott Safety is launching a brand new product, the Phantom Vision, employing a new design and the latest proven technology.

Operating on similar principles to its predecessor, Phantom Vision combines a new motor, new battery technology and new electronics with the already popular Vision full facemask, to produce a power assisted respirator developed in close consultation with users and specifiers of existing PAPR’s.

The new design has been developed specifically to meet the needs raised during the extensive consultation process, from low through-life operating costs to an improved user experience. New features of the Phantom Vision include:

• 98% unrestricted field of view.
• Approval with combined filters for protection from gas hazards.
• New motor proven to operate for many thousands of hours.
• New lithium-ion battery pack providing full shift plus operation between charges.
• New electronics, sealed to allow shower decontamination after use.
• Intuitive assembly and operation.

Phantom Vision will provide greater comfort and ease of operation for users in any application requiring power assisted full facemask protection.