Podcast focusing on The Importance of Emergency Eyewash and Showers

Anyone who works with hazardous chemicals knows they can work safely and avoid
injury if they follow the appropriate safety precautions. However, accidents
can happen, and if and when a corrosive chemical gets into your eyes or on your
face or body, the first 10 to 15 seconds are the most critical for preventing

An emergency eyewash and safety shower station is essential equipment that
every laboratory which uses chemicals and hazardous substances needs. Emergency
eyewash and safety shower stations serve the purpose of reducing workplace
injury and keeping workers away from various dangers.

The location of safety shower and eyewash station should be within 10 second
walking distance from the place of hazard and must located on the same floor of
the hazard so the victim does not have to go up or down the stair when accident
occur. Moreover, the path way should be clear from any obstacle and as straight
as possible.

If the treatment is delayed, even for a few seconds, serious injury may be
caused. That's where emergency showers and eyewash stations come in, providing
workers with on-the-spot decontamination and the ability to flush hazardous
substances away. This podcast discusses the importance of emergency showers and
eyewash stations, and proper procedures in using them.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has produced a
special podcast shining the spotlight on The Importance of Emergency Eyewash
and Showers.

The podcast runs 3:33 minutes.

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