Pollution Prevention Guidelines

A concise overview concerning "Pollution Prevention Guidelines" is available
from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). Note that each
guideline is updated from time to time, and the date of the most recent update
can be found at the end of both the paper and electronic versions.

Information is available on the following topics:

  • General guide to the prevention of water pollution
  • Above ground oil storage tanks
  • The use and design of oil separators
  • Disposal of sewage where no mains drainage is available
  • Works in near or liable to affect watercourses
  • Working at construction and demolition sites
  • Refuelling Facilities
  • Storage and disposal of used oils
  • Pesticides
  • Highway depots
  • Preventing pollution at industrial sites
  • High pressure water and steam cleaners
  • Marinas and craft
  • Retail stores
  • Schools and other educational establishments
  • Dairies & other milk handling operations
  • Control of spillages and fire fighting run-off
  • Garages and vehicle service centres
  • Dewatering underground ducts and chambers
  • Pollution Incident Response Planning
  • Dealing with spillages on highways
  • Maintenance of Structures over Water
  • Stables, Kennels & Catteries
  • Hospitals and Health Care Establishments
  • Pollution Prevention Storage and Handling of Drums & Intermediate Bulk
  • Installation, Decomissioning and Removal of Underground Storage Tanks
  • Chemical Pollution and How to Avoid It
  • Home Pollution and How to Avoid It
  • Solvent Pollution and How to Avoid It

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