Product Innovation Aging Indicator

Continuously, wearers of safety helmets ask themselves how long they can be used and when they need to be replaced. After intensive research and tests VOSS-HELME has introduced an aging indicator which enables an easy determination of this time.

The aging indicator is a foil that visually shows the aging process of a safety helmet by UV radiation.

It consists of three parts. The left side shows the VOSS-HELME logo with the original colour, the middle the indicator and on the right side you find the reference areas to show the time of replacement. As soon as the indicator field reaches the colour of the dustbin the safety helmet should be exchanged. The recommendation to replace the safety helmet after a maximum of five years remains unchanged.

Available for all PE safety helmets of the VOSS-HELME assortment:


And the special models based on them as well as the VisorLight (on this model included).

The aging indicator is applied on the back of the ordered safety helmets and delivered directly from the factory. Only samples can be supplied without helmet.

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