RSG Safety B.V.

RSG Safety Expand Respiratory Protection Products with new Continuous Flow Compressed Airline Range

Continuous Flow Compressed Airline (CFCA)

As part of our continuous product development, we are delighted to announce the introduction of our new T-AirLine range - a Continuous Flow Compressed Airline Regulator and a range of headtops, Air Filter Units, and hoses.

The T-Airline regulator, manufactured from ABS, gives the operator flexibility to adjust the airflow between 170 l/m to 350 l/m, giving greater comfort during operation.

The T-Airline headtops are comfortable, lightweight and are approved to EN14594:2005. They can be used in hazardous, chemical and general industrial environments. Manufactured to the latest respiratory standards, the new T-AirLine range not only provides respiratory protection, but also protects the eyes, face, neck and shoulders.

Also launched at the same time from RSG are Air Filter Units, breathing air hoses together with range of spares and accessories.

For more information or to request a demonstration, please email sales@rsgsafety.com or telephone +31(0)181 745020