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Rapid STAT Saliva Drug Test achieves 80-90 % sensitivity in the detection of THC !

Within the DRUID-ESTHER study Institutes of several countries examined the sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of saliva drug tests that were recommended by the committee which examined the handling of these tests. On the occasion of TIAFT conference in Geneva especially the results of the Finish study with the Rapid STAT test were presented. The study was performed by the National Institute for Health and Welfare, Helsinki, and showed good values in specificity and sensitivity for all drugs. Especially in the evaluation of the THC the Rapid STAT showed considerably better values (80-90%) than the competitors’ products (40-60%).
Also in a Roadside Study the Rapid STAT saliva drug test was the only test that presented a result of 80-90 % sensitivity in THC.
Quotation of the conclusions of the Finish Institute of Health and Welfare on the Rapid STAT test:
- Amphetamine + Methamphetamine tests: very good specificity, sensitivity quite high for Amphetamine
- Sensitivity quite high for THC
- Sensitivity for Benzodiazepines quite high, better results for specificity
- Specificity for Cocaine and Opiates was excellent, but more positive cases are needed to evaluate sensitivity