Risk assessment for all ages: tools to help you do it right

Identifying potential workplace hazards using risk assessment is the
cornerstone of risk prevention and contributes to safer and healthier working
lives for all. However, a significant number of organisations still do not do a
proper risk assessment and miss this great opportunity to guarantee sustainable

Luckily, business owners can use online interactive tools to get started.
Workplace risk assessment is required by law, yet the process can prove
challenging for micro and small companies. This can be due to a lack of
resources or adequate know-how to identify risks. In some cases, employers may
not even realise there are occupational safety and health (OSH) risks to pay
attention to.

Small business owners can use the Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA)
tools to make sure workers are as safe and healthy as possible. Developed and
maintained by EU-OSHA, this platform provides free, sector-specific tools to
carry out risk assessment in an easy and standardised way. The tools are
translated into many languages and adapted to the national context.

Effective risk assessment must consider the diverse needs of the workforce. As
a former article on gender pointed out, there are many factors to keep in mind
when talking about diversity, including the specific risks that touch younger
and older workers. For instance, younger workers often have less training or
confidence to speak out about potential risks, while older workers may
experience a reduced physical or psychological ability to perform work-related
tasks. It is important to remember, however, that the situation differs for
each worker.

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