Robusta S.L., Calzados

Robusta integral manufacturer of safety and professional footwear.

ROBUSTA® is one of the key manufacturers of Safety, Occupational and Professional footwear in Spain since 1999.
ROBUSTA® is Gore-Tex® licensee since 2001.
Leading company in the Spanish and Portuguese markets with 30% of
market share in 2010.
ROBUSTA® is the Integral European Safety and Occupational Manufacturer that can offer you the footwear you need no matter what you are searching for.
ROBUSTA® footwear can offer you more than 300 different designs corresponding to any professional sector:
- Industrial, ESD, Food Industry, Heavy Industry, Police and Security Sector, Forestry, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Industry, Catering, Gore-Tex® footwear …
ROBUSTA® has full control over the production process providing unbeatable delivery terms among other European and non-European manufacturers.