Seiz GmbH, Friedrich

SEIZ® SURVIVOR – New High-Light in Technical Assistance

SEIZ ® introduce at A+A in hall 4, C39 a new family of protective gloves for rescue and technical assistance. The model SURVIVOR disposes on the inside hand of a fabric with granite coating and in the backhand of a fabric made of heat and flame resistant NOMEX® in yellow honeycomb print for better afterglow. An inner lining made of Kevlar ® provides for extremely high cut protection from the fingertips to the end of the gauntlet. Moreover, thanks to the innovative granite coating the glove turns out extremely safe in grip and highly resistant to abrasion and stitch. Additional safety is provided by means of a CROSSTECH® membrane for protection against bacteria, blood and other contaminating substances. The wrist area shows an elastic band to prevent the penetration of small size coarse particles and splinters of glass. The ergonomic fit, good sense of touch and dexterity make the SEIZ SURVIVOR the ideal glove for every kind of technical assistance. The attractive colour design in yellow-red insures high visibility of the wearer at night-time operations.
Seiz ®: registered trademark of Friedrich Seiz GmbH; Kevlar ®, Nomex ®: registered trademarks of DuPont, Crosstech ®: registered trademark of Gore