SINOtec Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

SINO ADC, the filter generation of the future

SINOtec presents exclusively the new “filter generation of the future” and completes the existing SINOtec product range. The auto-darkening welding helmet “profiweld” is available with two filters of the ADC technology: profiweld vario ADC and profiweld super ADC.

Apart from the general requirements acc. DIN EN 370 (tested by DIN Certco – all previously class 1), the optical classes, the homogeneity, the light scattering the new auto-darkening filters SINO ADC fulfil the new additional requirement of the angular dependence (evaluated positively as well).

Characteristics of SINO vario ADC and SINO super ADC
 More comfort for the welder
 Decreased fatigue of the eyes
 No neck stiffness during welding
 2 LCDs offer a quality of 3 LCDs without surcharge, increased weight or higher power
 Light shade 4
 Dark shade 9-13
 Certified acc. DIN EN 379 and DIN EN 169

Additional characteristics of the auto-darkening welding filter SINO super ADC
 Wide range of application, for instance micro-plasma arc welding
 Dark shade 6-9-13
 On/off switch outside the helmet
 Sensitivity adjustable inside at the filter
 suited for all current welding processes