SINOtec® SicherheitsSysteme GmbH

SINOair Kombi 2 - the successor of the reliable SINOair Kombi respiratory system

SINOair Kombi respiratory systems are universally used in different fields of work with organic or inorganic gases, that have the option of being fitted with particulate filter P3, gas filter or combi filter.
Special field of application: Fresh air supply for welders, especially during welding stainless steel and when a strong production of smoke arises.
SINOair respriatory systems are light, comfortable, low-priced and universally applicable. They are especially suited for working in narrow rooms as they are working regardless from the atmosphere in the room.

At the exhibition SINOtec presents the innovation SINOair Kombi 2.

• Modern design
• Increased working life
• Increased period of use
• Simple operation
• Reliable application
• Comfortable wear, as there is the possibility to wear it with a belt harness
• Increased air supply
• Certified according to EN 12941, EN 12942
• Particular resistance against
- UV light
- cleanser
- welding spatters and splashes
- radiant heat