SKYLOTEC for High Protection

Monday morning, 7.30 a.m.: the wind dashes over the windmill, the chill makes its way to the bones. In 70 metres height a small blast quickly feels like a cutting knife. Nonetheless the work has to be finished, every movement has to fit and all operations need to be done routinely. A feeling of safety is essential in great heights, in order to work fast and efficient and to get back safe and sound to the ground.

A golden autumn day, mild temperatures and perfect conditions. The rock is still warmed up from the sun, the first pitch completed. During a short break, one can cast a glance over the impressing landscape. Just nature, rocks and a perfect day in the mountains. The rout leads higher and higher, away from the daily routine with the knowledge to be perfectly secured.

High Protection

For 60 years SKYLOTEC stands for safety in great heights. Since Eduard Kaufmann founded the company in 1948 many things have happened. SKYLOTEC is always one step ahead when it comes to innovation and technique in fall protection systems. 60 years of experience led to an expertise which now also has been brought forward to another area: Skylotec Goes Mountain!
Knowledge, proficiency and technology from industrial fall protection are going to be transferred to mountain climbing, where safety in heights is just as essential. High quality products in hardware are accompanied with a functional textile collection which is tailored to all needs of alpine mountaineering and climbing.
Since the company was overtaken by Kai Rinklake in 2000, SKYLOTEC continues its steep path to the top.
No matter if it’s steel or rock, during daily work or sporty peak performances: with SKYLOTEC High Protection you are always on the safe side.

Company History

1948: Company is founded by Eduard Kaufmann
1952: Manufaction of Schleifkörben for mine rescue and safety belts for
mining (during this time still simple abdominal belts, mostly made of leather)
1958: Development of a fire blanket case (galvanized steelplate case with a fire
blanket made of fibre glass or wool) authorized by the mining board
1962: In addition, a first-aid kit container for mining is
1969: Range extended by safety belts for fire brigade
1973: Production of scoop stretchers made of aluminium for easier
transportation of injured persons
1982: Take over by Wolfgang Rinklake
1982: Relocation of head office to Neuwied
1983: Extention of range by fall protection products for industry
and handcraft
2000: Kai Rinklake enlists in the company
2001: Foundation of industry education centre; buildup of
international distribution
2002: Entwicklung des Rettungsgerätes MILAN, bis heute
leistungsstärkstes Fliehkraftbremsen Abseilgerät
2003: Ausgliederung des Betriebsteiles Erste Hilfe und
Krankentransport als eigenständiges Unternehmen ultraMEDIC
2004: Gründung der ersten Auslandsgesellschaft, der für die Asia
Pacific Region zuständigen Vertriebstochter in Singapore
2005: Umfirmierung des Unternehmens in SKYLOTEC – Professional
Protective Equipment
2005: Erweiterung der Produktionsstätte um Werk 2 in Neuwied
2006: Übernahme des Betriebsteils „Retten und Sichern“ der
Mammut tec AG
2006: Gründung der SKYLOTEC Hungary kft. als zweiten
2007: Patentierter Auffanggurt SIRRO gewinnt iF Product Design
2008: SKYLOTEC goes Mountain! Präsentation der ersten SKYLOTEC
Bergsport Kollektion auf der „Outdoor“ Messe in
2008: Kinderklettergurt GEKKO gewinnt Outdoor Industry Award
2009: Messeauftritt auf der Winter Ispo 2009; Gewinn des Ispo
BrandNew Awards mit dem Klettergurt SKYFIT
2009: Markteinführung des industriellen Läufers SPEED, welcher
eine Revolution im Bereich mitlaufender Auffanggeräte an
fester Führung darstellt
2009: Erwerb der Free-Ski Marke „Mountain Wave“

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