SKYLOTEC with SPEED for more safety


The new runner SPEED by SKYLOTEC marks a revolution for guided type fall arresters. This innovative technology will increase safety while working in great heights for the future.

Recently some doubts were entertained about the currently valid standard EN 353-1 for guided type fall arresters on a rigid anchor line. Although accidents can be brought back to system failures or incorrect use, there are more and more doubts about the safety of the standard models.

There are various reasons for possible safety gaps:
o The user tilts backwards during a fall and disengages the
o Items like tool pouches hinder the function of the fall
o Body parts of the falling person hit the runner and
disengage it
o Intermediate holders influence the functionality
o The falling person grasps into the arrester and hinders it
o A long fall distance or the arrester itself cause injuries

This short summary shows that it is a very complex task, to deliver a system which accounts for all eventualities.
Nonetheless, SKYLOTEC succeeded in introducing a completely new runner to the market, which aims to close these safety gaps.


While many companies are still trying to improve the safety standard EN 353-1, SKYLOTEC was aiming to develop a completely new runner. The SPEED proves that this challenge was mastered excellently!
The function of the SPEED is quite simple: the security bolt is hidden in the housing and therefore protected from unwanted access. An additional locking lever allows the SPEED to work like a pull-back runner during climbing. This shortens the length of the runner as well as the falling distance. Injuries caused by falling will be minimized. The huge advantage of the SPEED is, that a second mechanism additionally highers the safety. In case of failure of the pull-back feature, the runner can reach only a fix, preset speed. If the runner exceeds this speed, an independent second safety feature kicks in: a centrifugal force break swivels out and the runner blocks.
With this technology SKYLOTEC shows once more, that safety is the ultimate device of the company. With SPEED a system was created which will fulfil every safety standard.

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