Safety and Health at Work Theater-Based Training — The Road to Success

This is What We Offer

 Experiential training in work safety
 The THEATER-INTERAKTIV difference: we promote your interests
with professional actors, experienced trainers and expert moderators
 Effective and innovative theater-based techniques for educating and training large groups
 Activating, motivating for groups of up to 200 participants and results-oriented
 Meticulous preparation, training in-house with target group

Method and Procedure
 Training proceeds according to our own theater-based method Thematic Improvisation
 Together we set down training objectives based on your concerns, interests and aspirations
 Using the agreed thematic framework, we enact your own reality, generating ideas, perspectives and alternatives to unsafe and unhealthy practices of individuals
 On the day of training, the stage scenes unfold within the agreed thematic framework, while at the same time incorporating the ideas and suggestions of participants
 Thus the moderator and actors allow you to see and discuss the same emotions, attitudes and opinions unfolding before you on the stage

Results and Benefits
 Theater-based training grabs your attention and involves you in the themes presented, promoting positive attitudes towards the issues surrounding safety and health
 Work safety and health protection becomes a highly personal topic, worthy of increased attention for all persons in the training group
 Together the group takes on greater responsibility for personal actions and also for colleagues
 Everyone in the training group develops a critical awareness of hazards and unhealthy situations, promoting early recognition, quick response and suitable action
 The bottom line: healthier employees and fewer accidents

Call Now for Expert Advice:
 Profit from a detailed briefing, advance support and our on-site THEATER-INTERAKTIV team of moderators and actors
 Your advisor at THEATER-INTERAKTIV is Renate Kirmeier: 089-548475-90