Safety at work


The life of working people – nothing is more valuable. That is why people and their protection are a crucial topic for any future-oriented business.

Be there when in 2017 the market leaders present themselves to an international audience of specialists at the No. 1 trade fair – with the latest products and developments, in full functionality, for protection from head to toe.


  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Corporate fashion / identity / image wear
  • Fabrics for protective wear and workwear
  • Safety equipment and facilities for the workplace
  • Software
  • Services and consultancies
  • Accessories and components
Photo: Trade fair impression  A+A
Photo: Trade fair impression  A+A

A+A live

Photo: Trade fair impression  A+A


Logo: A+A Corporate Fashion
Corporate fashion stands for recognition and teambuilding – in short, corporate identity that can be worn. A+A 2017 will again be presenting a broad range of attractive collections – from workwear and protective gear to occupational clothing.

Present or experience the current corporate fashion trends live at the A+A Fashion Show.

Be part of it!