Siebert Industrieelektronik GmbH

Safety made visible

Lost time injuries burden the companies by loss of production and default in delivery, by absence and high consequential costs and not at least by image damage. With preventive measures, instructions and trainings accidents are indeed prevented but the ultimate success depends on the safety-conscious thinking and acting of every single individual. Safety advisors would like to make this potential emotionally accessible by visualizing the company accidents statistics.

Electronic display boards such as those offered by Siebert as series XC600 are a medium for this purpose. Striking at the factory gate or placed directly in the production the displays bear the health and safety at work in mind every day. The displays count the number of accident-free days and show these numbers in widely visible LED digits. With each further accident-free day the number increases - which in turn inspires to extend the accident-free time by its own safety-conscious behavior. But if an accident happens the display is set to zero.

This simple, but effective form of information that an accident at work has occurred affects spontaneously and appeals to the personal responsibility for a safety-conscious behavior at work. This effect is reinforced by the fact that the number of accidents that have already happened since the beginning of the year is counted and displayed. Larger unit versions have an additional integrated LED text display to show individual information, such as company messages or welcoming texts for visitors. This information is also to draw attention to the display and thereby to the accident statistics.

If the display is to be involved in corporate communications or to be tailored to the corporate identity of the company the manufacturer offers customized systems that are projected in close consultation with the customer.

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