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Salli Saddle Chairs – safety and comfort on the divided seat

Feeling tired? Sore and tense muscles? Headaches? Sitting on an unergonomic conventional chair often results in all kinds of sitting disorders. Apart from being good for one’s health, a good chair is also an investment in productivity – alert people are more productive and less likely to make mistakes. Salli, the Finnish saddle chair with a divided seat, takes work comfort to a new level. And all the more so when used together with the electronically height-adjustable Salli tables.

Good and natural posture from head to toe
When sitting on a saddle chair the back is in the same position as when we are standing. The weight of the upper body is not on muscles but mainly on the sitting bones and feet. The muscles will not get tired, stiff or numb. In the upright posture it is easy to breathe, brains get a lot of oxygen and we stay alert. There is a joint-friendly 135 degree angle in the knees and between the thighs and the upper body, which means a diminished risk of arthritis. The circulation in the lower limbs is good, which helps to prevent swelling and varicose veins.

No more back pain
The relaxed and natural posture relieves tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. The natural curve of the lower back is maintained and disks do not press the nerves, which is the case when the back is rounded. On a divided seat it is easy to sit in a good position for the whole day because the chair does not press the genitals. Thus there is no need to round the back because of the uncomfortable pressure – this unique feature makes Salli superior when compared to other saddle chairs. The swinging seat of Salli Swing and Salli SwingFit give exercise to the lower back and improve the blood and fluid circulation in the whole body.

Salli for special environments
• Salli ESD is an ideal chair for electronics industry or clean rooms, where the chair needs to conduct electricity. Salli ESD discharges even the smallest electric build-ups.
• Salli Stainless has all its metal parts made of stainless steel. Perfect for environments where furniture needs to be hygienic and easy to clean, e.g. food industry, bakeries, and laboratories.
• Salli Seat Cover is available with fire protected and water-resistant fabrics.
Castors: hard/soft, lockable/unlockable, antistatic, hairdresser and industrial castors.

Re-designed seats now available! Come and feel for yourself the comfort of the new softer padding and the narrower seat. Our staff at stand D30 is ready to demonstrate the benefits of saddle sitting.

Further information: Export Manager Tuija Korppi, +358 40 531 6547, tuija@salli.com