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Second skin for tough assignments: Dräger CPS 7900

Lübeck – Dräger has developed and produced chemical protection suits for over 50 years. These years of experience are evidenced by the new gas-tight Dräger CPS 7900, which also easily meets international standards. The reusable suit is resistant to flames, chemicals, warfare agents, and liquefied gasses. In addition, it displays high mechanical resistance and can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Five material layers protect against external influences
Chemical protective suits (CPS) are essential for working with hazardous chemicals. For assignments under these extreme conditions, the new gastight Dräger CPS 7900 offers higher protection. Its new suit material, D-mex, enables a special resistance to a wide variety of toxic substances and offers comprehensive protection from chemical effects, liquefied gasses, and bursts of flames.
D-mex protects during work in potentially explosive atmospheres as well as with the handling of frozen substances and hazardous substances at temperatures down to - 80°C. The suit even retains its protective effect if the surface is damaged. The material combination of a sturdy elastomer layer, chemically resistant laminate layer, and tearproof textile ensures this.

Exceeds international standards
Numerous international and national standards, for example the European EN 943-2 and the SOLAS-convention specify the safety standards for chemical protection suits. Due to its new textile material, Dräger CPS 7900 not only meets all the specified standards for reusable protection suits, but also exceeds the requirements for emergency teams from firefighters, rescue services, and industry.

Ergonomic details and accessories make daily operations easier
The working conditions for CPS wearers are extremely demanding. The CPS 7900 reduces these stresses through its wearing comfort and ergonomic functional details. The light and flexible suit material in blue or orange conforms to the wearer's movements. The suit design allows high freedom of movement. In addition, there are five suit sizes available for emergency teams from 1.5 m to 2.10 m. In addition, with the aid of length adjustments, the wearer can adjust the pace length individually. The anti-fog disk prevents fogging of the visor and ensures an almost natural field of view. Three options of glove combinations, which can be fastened quickly and without tools to the suit, enable the retention of fine motor skills as much as possible. Exchangeable boot connections and functional safety boots offer the wearer secure footing.

The optional accessories expand the possibilities for application of the new Dräger CPS 7900. A manometer holder on the edge of the visor helps the wearer to keep the air pressure in sight without having to remove his arm from the sleeve. The D-Connect is used for attaching measuring instruments or tools both on the left and right hip and can be used for crash rescue by injured persons as well. Moreover, if the air supply of the compressed air breathing apparatus is not sufficient for the entire mission, the Air-Connect and the PT 120 L control valve on the front of the suit offers a connection to an external breathing air source. The control valve also makes it possible to cool the suit and thus increases the wearing comfort.

The CPS 7900 is manufactured by Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA.

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