Send in your entry for Good Practice Awards 2006!

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work invites nominations for the
seventh European Good Practice Awards in occupational health and safety.

The 2006 award scheme will recognise companies or organisations, including
schools, colleges and training providers, that have made outstanding and
innovative contributions to ensure that young people make a safe start in their
working lives, and that risk awareness and prevention is promoted in
enterprises, schools and colleges.

The awards are part of the European Week for Safety and Health at Work 2006,
which is dedicated to young people to ensure a safe and healthy start to their
working lives.

'Accidents at work are a serious threat to EU's 58 million young people.
According to Eurostat data, the risk of work accidents is at least 50% higher
among those aged 18-24 years than in any other age category', explains
Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, Director of the European Agency for Safety and Health
at Work. 'Through our 'Safe Start!' campaign and the Good Practice Awards
competition the Agency will promote risk awareness and risk prevention in
enterprises, schools and across Europe.'

Good practice examples are implemented solutions to promote the effective
management of the occupational safety and health of young people in the
workplace, and prevention measures to reduce the incidence of accidents and ill
health amongst young workers. All entries should therefore show good management
practice, particularly the effective use of risk assessment and implementation
of its findings, and should be focused on the successful prevention of risks to
young people.

Good practice examples are invited from all EU Member States. They can be
submitted by individual enterprises or by intermediary organisations such as
chambers of commerce, trade and professional organisations, trade unions, and
by the education community including schools, colleges, education authorities
and training providers.

The Agency will announce the winners at the campaign's closing event in March
2007 in Bilbao. The awards will provide the winners with European recognition
for their role in improving working conditions in Europe, and the awarded
examples will be presented in an Agency booklet to be distributed across

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