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SilverButler – personal hygiene everywhere

SilverButler Hygenic silver handwipe

SilverButler – personal hygiene everywhere

Latest since the last EHEC epidemic everybody knows: the risk of infection can be reduced considerably by washing hands more often than usual. Especially before preparing food, after using the toilet or when coming home. Experts advise to keep strict hygiene and to wash hands thoroughly with water and soap..

Always a washbasin at hand

Following this advice at home is quite easy. But in the job or when being on the road, there is lack of opportunity. But now, even when on travel, nobody needs to do without regular, thorough hand washing.
SilverButler has proven here as practical and very efficient. The wipe, made from 100% silverfibre, fit into any pocket and cleans 99% of common bacteria. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, silver is mankind’s oldest natural medical product.
With SilverButler's help you keep a high level of hygiene anytime, anywhere: after the contact with door handles, shopping cards, money bills, handles in public transport or the trays in the canteen or fast food restaurant.
SilverButler can be maschine washed, tumble dried and does not loose effect, even after 150 washings. The 30 x 30 cm silver wipe is available from www.Silverbutler.de