Skincare Innovations B.V.

Skincare® IDS dispensers is a modern innovative equipment for factories and offices

Dosage devices is a modern approach to job safety and health protection as well as hands hygiene at factories and in offices. Usage of creams, pastes and liquid soap saves the budget due to large packaging and fixed dosage. In bathing rooms, toilets and other public facilities the dosage devices are the rational and reasonable approach to hands hygiene.
Skincare® IDS dispensers are the modern and multi-functional equipment which realizes a number of innovative solutions. The series comprises dispensers of 1-2 liters capacity, sensor and mechanical models.
The most hi-tech model is the innovative smart dispenser Skincare® IDS 2.0 Touch Free. This model is easy to monitor remotely with the use of cell phone wherever you are situated. The control is fulfilled with the help of SMS-requests of equipment state.
All the Skincare® IDS dispensers are reliable, comfortable, modern and functional:
 The anti-vandal system of wall mountable device reduces to zero the fall or a tear-off of the equipment;
 The impact resistant material provides the multi-years service of the equipment;
 The dispensers are lockable that minimizes the risk to use them on purpose other than intended for skin protection;
 The fixed level of the dosage products spending makes it possible to reduce costs. The products supply in a large packing is more profitable than a purchase of creams and liquid soap in individual package.
• The modern style makes it possible to fit in any interior.

Skincare® IDS 2.0 Touch Free dispenser
The sensor dispenser Skincare® IDS 2.0 Touch Free id the high tech model of the Skincare® IDS series. It is realized the most number of innovations in it. The auto delivery of the filling product with the use of the sensor excludes the direct contact of the human with the equipment and provides the maximum hygienic usage of the dosage products.
The dispenser is equipped with the display for video demonstration. The display can demonstrate the training videos for dosage products usage and other useful videos. The lightening color on the body of the dispenser is possible to insert depending on the product type. The “smart” lightening changes its color when the product in the dispenser obtains its minimum in its quantity. Due to the digital filling the dispenser can send the SMS-requests with the use of cell-phone and get the SMS-information about different parameters of the equipment operation. To follow the filling products to be used as included. The dispenser information is possible to get as well without leaving the office.
The Skincare® IDS 2.0 Touch Free model is an outstanding representative of new generation of the smart equipment. The models Skincare® IDS 2.0 Touch Free usage is the principally new approach in equipment management, the high level of production culture of hands hygiene in the office, at the fabrics and other public places.

Skincare® IDS 2.0 dispenser
The mechanical dispenser of 2 liters capacity is used for regenerating and protective creams, cleansing gels and pastes and liquid soap. The model is equipped with universal safe lever that is easy to push both by the arm or the hand. The body of the dispenser comprises the info inbox to place information about the filling products for skin protection, care and purification. The transparent line on the body allows to monitor the spending of the products.

Skincare® IDS 1.0 Refill dispenser
The model of 1 liter capacity is designed to dose the liquid cleansing products. It is refillable form a can. The dispenser is equipped with the universal lever. It can be pushed by an arm or a hand. On the body of the dispenser there is a transparent line to monitor the filling products spending.

Skincare® IDS line of dispensers is the best solution for the company to bet on the optimization of the expenses and high level of the production culture and hygiene of the hands. It is profitable, safe, stylistic and innovative. It is what the modern company needs.