Intersolia GmbH

Smart Safety Data Sheet Services

Tired of trying to collect safety data sheets ?

REACH, GHS and CLP as well as additional national legislation places ever increasing demands on companies and organisations to administrate safety related information to employees everywhere.

For many, this development means increasing cost and great
challenges keeping up with the authority requirements. Now there is help available, at least when it comes to administration of chemicals.

One of the pioneers in developing automated services simplifying the manual administration work is the company Intersolia, who, for over 15 years have been helping companies remaining legally
compliant. The Scandinavian region has long been trendsetters in new technology showing a reduction in manual working hours used on the laborious administration tasks.

Outsourcing is seen as a costeffective solution and the same benefits are now being recognised throughout Europe with Intersolias expansion in to the UK and German markets.
Intersolia has developed a service for smart collection of safety data sheets (SDS) from the suppliers of chemical products.

With a database boasting several hundred thousand products, and thousands more been added every month, the original and
most up to date SDS is made available through an internet based cloud service. Intersolia gives its customers access to the
data they need, when they need it, where they need it. Applications are also already available for smartphones.
On average, a company will spend two to three hours annually per chemical product in use, ensuring they first have all the correct information available to be able to conduct risk assessments,
issue safety sheets, assess substitution possibilities and other things required by law.

The majority of this preparation time is spent checking if information is up to date and registering new data. “We find
by removing this administration task our customers are able to spend more time on creating a safer work place for all staff.
No doubt, the suppliers of chemicals have a legal obligation to deliver the most recent version SDS but in reality it seldom
works the way it is supposed to and if in fact distributed, the SDS ends up in a pile on someone’s desk” – John Wayman says.

It is Intersolias ambition to ensure their customers can focus their efforts onmore qualified tasks – naturally based on updated information. “One of the most common nonconformities resulting from internal and external audits being out of date SDS’ or failure to demonstrate an audit trail with manufacturers to check validity of these; Intersolias updating service ensures companies will not fall foul to these heightened regulations” John states. The
web-based services provide full auditing and full visibility of required procedures available upon request from auditors. With a
comprehensive archiving system, all records are maintained and stored for decades.

Another upside with the information registered in the database seems to be that you can get a daily comparison with any
substances on international or national restriction lists such as for instance the REACH annex XIV, XVII, SVHC and water frame directive. “Our customers can even compare with restriction requirements placed with them through their own customers and thereby can be turned into a competitive benefit,” - Erik Norlander adds. Not only does Intersolia check and verify SDS are legally compliant and up to date; they also offer translation into over 50
different languages, help their customers create new safety data sheets, and conduct fire-, risk-, site- and environment assessments just to mention a few things.