Hughes Safety Showers Ltd

Specialist decontamination systems


For most industrial incidents involving chemical spills, emergency safety showers are the quickest and most effective way to decontaminate casualties. However, there are exceptions, and that is when equipment manufacturer Hughes Safety Showers is often called upon to provide an alternative.

Hughes has supplied this decontamination bath to a speciality chemical manufacturer who, works with Monochloroacetic acid (MCA) at its production plant. MCA is rapidly absorbed through skin and maybe toxic even if small areas are exposed. Skin exposure, swallowing or inhaling may cause death so they had specific first aid requirements in the event of an accident.

Casualties must be immersed in an emergency bath containing a saturated aqueous solution of sodium bicarbonate. Clothing and shoes are removed in the bath and they must remain immersed for at least 30 minutes with the water temperature maintained at 30°C (86°F).

Hughes Safety Showers has previously supplied emergency baths for other customers with similar exacting first aid requirements. The tried and tested design was ideal for this latest installation, offering an accessible temperature controlled bath which would be ready for immediate use. The stainless steel bath is insulated and fitted with a thermostatically controlled heater with the temperature displayed on an external gauge. An insulated hinged lid keeps out dirt and debris. A self-locking mechanism ensures that once the lid is raised it remains open while the bath is in use.

The ability to respond to specific customer requirements ensures that Hughes can offer bespoke decontamination systems suitable for a wide range of chemical hazards. This is in addition to the extensive standard range of emergency safety showers and eyewash units developed by the company for use throughout industry.