Standards of Competence for Instructors and Trainers in Safety and Health

The partners of the project "European Network Education and Training in
Occupational Safety and Health" (ENETOSH), funded by the EU-programme LEONARDO
DA VINCI, developed jointly an ENETOSH standard of competence for instructors
and trainers in safety and health. The development was carried out on the basis
of the European Qualification Framework (EQF). The standard covers four fields
of competence:

  • Education and training

  • Safety and health at work

  • Workplace Health Promotion (WHP)

  • OSH-Management

The ENETOSH standard of competence describes a maximum that can be expected
regarding the skills, the knowledge and the wider personal competence of a
instructor or trainer in safety and health.

To each field of competence belongs a checklist. There exists a detailed
checklist and a total checklist (overview).

Instructors and trainers can use these checklists to evaluate their
competencies by themselves. In addition these checklists can support
educational institutions in carrying out their recruitment of personnel.

A matrix indicates the reference of the field of competence of the ENETOSH
standard to the performance levels of the EQF.

The ENETOSH standard forms the basis for a possible certification. The ENETOSH
standard is acknowledged by the partners of the network as a pan-European

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