Stretch and Softshell

At the A + A show in Düsseldorf Excess Workwear presents as one of the first suppliers new developed work trousers made of a hardwearing fabric with a certain percentage of stretch. These new trousers have got the same product characteristics as those of the other collections. Wearing comfort, durability and washability remain unchanged. „As already previously we are in the forefront of our branch with our product diversification stretch“, emphasises Matthias Ziolkowski the high demand to set milestones for innovations. The classic and proven collections Slash and Champ are presented as well. The product line Allrounder has been complemented and shows a new design with the products Softshell jacket and Softshell vest, which at the same time match the new stretch line in appearance and characteristics. The new design has been developed to meet the needs of the private label customers as well.