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Superb ergonomics with the original Finnish Salli Saddle Chairs

Salli Systems has listened to its customers and now has the answer to their wishes: a saddle chair with a smaller seat. The new Salli Slim goes very well with the new height-adjustable tables.

Salli Slim: The seat is made of polyurethane and it has a groove in the middle – Salli Slim has all the good qualities of the two-part seat. It comes in three versions: Salli Slim Basic with height adjustment, Salli Slim Tilt with height and inclination adjustments and Salli Slim Swing with height adjustment and swing mechanism that makes the seat adopt to your movements and adds activity to your day.

Salli School Desk and Salli Work Desk. The new desks have height adjustment by gas spring and they can be raised to standing height. There are castors in the front and the frame is available in black and dark grey. The recess gives support to the upper body.

Good ergonomics = better productivity!
The sitting position on Salli Saddle chairs keeps the back in its natural position. The spine carries the weight of the upper body and the upright position guarantees good circulation and lymph flow.
In riding-like sitting breathing becomes deeper and the oxygen level in the whole body rises. Also in the natural position the shoulder and neck muscles remain relaxed. This means that the vessels on the neck do not get pressed by tight neck muscles and the circulation is not disturbed. The brain gets more oxygen which keeps one alert, makes it easier to concentrate and reduces the risk of mistakes. All this results in higher productivity. In addition, relaxed muscles prevent headaches.

Welcome to our stand B30 in hall 10 to try the unique two-part Salli Saddle Chairs. Our 27 years of experience, together with the high standard of Finnish workmanship, is a guarantee of lasting quality. The original, patented Salli Saddle Chairs have 10 years warranty.

Further information: Marketing Manager Nina Böhme +358 50 597 9049, nina@salli.com

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