Taeki5® Hand Arm Body Protection

Quality, performance and functionality speak for themselves.

The advanced properties of the Taeki5® protective gears are allowing safety professionals to address the toughest requirements for hand arm body protection and ensure a safer working environment.

Are you looking for high cut, high heat or high chemical protection for your hand but also your arm and body? Are you searching for durable and ergonomic protective gears without compromising on your comfort, productivity and performance? Do you need protection against wear, cut, snag, tear, impact, heat or cold and all in one design for your gloves, sleeves or garments?...If yes, then look no further and visit immediately our Taeki5® experts on our demonstration booth A62 in hall 9 during A+A 2013. The multiple properties of the Taeki5® fiber will satisfy all of your safety requirements. With Taeki5®, You name it, You get it!

A safety problem at your work place? Contact us at innovation@taeki5.net or any of our exclusive agents and consider Taeki Solved!

Do you Taeki? Now you Do!

Taeki5® Hand Arm Body Protection