Technological Innovations in Occupational Health and Safety for the Healthcare Industry

Technological advances play a vital role in our lives in diverse areas,
including communications, medical procedures and treatment, transportation,
learning and academic development, leisure and entertainment. Technology can
also play an essential role in workplace health and safety, eliminating, or at
least minimizing, work-related injuries and illnesses.

A finalized report summarizing emerging technological innovations in
occupational health and safety (OH&S) is now available. Research has been
conducted to identify emerging technologies that have the potential to reduce
or prevent the risk of injury faced by healthcare workers. The content not only
focuses on technology that reduces the risk of MSI, but also includes
technologies in areas of disease prevention, violence and working alone, and
home and community healthcare. It also includes information on two past
initiatives focused on the development of a medication cart and a pill crusher
in partnership with the BCIT Health Technology Research Group.

In detail the report informs about:

New Technologies in Ergonomics including

  • Surgical Hand Tools - Pipettes

  • Housekeeping in Healthcare

  • Automated Pill Crusher and Medication Cart

Emerging Technologies in Disease Prevention including

  • Safety Engineered Medical Sharps

  • Neutral zone compliance or Hands Free Technique

  • The Exposure Prevention Information Network (EPINet)


New Technologies in Violence Prevention and Working Alone

New Technologies in Home and Community Healthcare

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AplusA-online.de - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work