Ten Things I Look For In Selecting A Consultant

Meeting the demands of today's global marketplace does not necessarily mean you
must employ a staff of thousands. A carefully selected handful of consultants
may effect a speedy transfer of documented knowledge and implementation
processes to your company. Webster's dictionary defines a consultant as "a
person who gives professional or expert advice". This may be fine for a larger
company that only needs guidance, direction, and an occasional prompting.
However, for a smaller company, a more accurate definition of consultant might
be an individual that goes beyond that definition and actually completes
documentation, flowcharts processes, and implements cost savings changes and
efficiencies and is also a member of a "reengineering team".

Arlen D. Chapman shows in an article what skills and credentials a consultant
should show, as the consultants' work will be integral to your business for
many years. It should be able to grow and shrink in step with your company. The
purchase of a consultant and the resultant partnership will be well planned and
executed. The bottom line is not the cost of purchase, but the cost of
ownership and maintenance.


AplusA-online.de - Source: National Quality Assurance