Testing campaign of PPE ordered by the French Ministry of Labour: DuPont products do not fall short of performance problem and consequently will not be withdrawn from the market

As part of its remit to monitor the personal protective equipment (PPE) market, the French Ministry of Labour organised a testing campaign to check PPE “compliance regarding the protection of workers from some chemical risks, and regarding the regulations set out in the French Labour Code that transpose EU directive 89/686/EEC relating to PPE into French law.”

The initial phase, launched in cooperation with the French Agency for Environmental and Occupational Health Safety, or AFSSET, a state administration supervised by the Ministers for the Environment, Healthcare and Labour, consisted in checking whether suits complied and whether they effectively protected workers from various chemicals used in the sectors of agriculture, industry and construction.

The preliminary results of this study have been recently published in a communiqué which reveals that “nine suits in ten are non-conform. For one case, the non-conformity comes from insufficiency of instructions for use. For the 8 other cases, the suits fall short of technical compliance. 5 concerned manufacturers were notified of these results and auditioned by the Ministry of Labour in order to point out their comments. Following this exchange, the manufacturers decided, in a voluntary move, to stop the sells of these suits. The recourse to a saving clause in the form of a decree prohibiting the importing, sale and use of certain suit styles is currently under consideration”.

On 3 July, the DuPont Personal Protection technical staff was notified by the manager of the monitoring campaign in Paris that the DuPont Personal Protection products subjected to testing were not listed as presenting non-conformities requiring market withdrawal and decided to revise the instructions for its suits in order to reduce the risk of incorrect usage or an incorrect user interpretation.

DuPont has taken the initiative of informing all its direct clients in France about this monitoring campaign and has made its Techline services (Tel.: +352 621 164 043; e mail: techline@lux.dupont.com) available to answer any other technical questions they may have about DuPont Personal Protection.

We would like to remind you that when bringing products to market, DuPont applies stringent monitoring and testing processes with regard especially to quality, product performance, compliance and thorough checking prior to marketing.