A.J. Charnaud & Co. (Pty) Ltd.

The Charnaud Thermal Sock

Charnaud Thermal Sock

AJ Charnaud has become a global manufacturer of advanced personal protective clothing. The company’s Head-to-Foot approach to safety in aluminium smelters includes the Charnaud Thermal Sock®.

Born as inherently flame-resistant daily work wear socks for industrial workers, the Charnaud Thermal Sock® has many unique characteristics that also make them highly sought after in sport and leisure environments.

The Charnaud Thermal Sock® is made from super-soft 100% natural fibres and is used to protect against extreme temperatures, flames and even molten-metal splash.

Special fibres in the socks neutralize toxins in sweat that cause bad odour. Tests have shown that the Charnaud Thermal Sock® can be worn for more than 14 days without washing, provided they are aired overnight.

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