Sitex Protective Fabrics

The Next Generation of FR Welding Apparel

– The weight and comfort of Cotton, and performance against flame & weld spatter of Leather.

WeldX, is a revolutionary new apparel line for personal welding protection that is lightweight and breathable, yet provides exceptional flame and spatter resistance. Sixty percent lighter than most leathers and also lighter than many flame resistant cotton garments, WeldX range of garments are produced using CarbonX® Repel M fabrics. Representing the next generation in protective clothing for welders from the hazards of heavy-duty welding, grinding sparks, and metal splash from fuel/oxygen cutting, while also reducing the potential for heat stress-related injuries.
Flame resistance is inherent to CarbonX® Repel M – laundering will not degrade its performance over time.

In even the most extreme environments, CarbonX® Repel M will not burn, melt, ignite or shrink. When worn with a baselayer/lining, the CarbonX Repel M, will provide protection to EN11611 Class 2, and EN11612 Level 3 for Aluminium & Iron Splash.