The Prevention of Occupational Diseases

Occupational diseases cause huge suffering and loss in the world of work. Yet,
occupational or work-related diseases remain largely invisible in comparison to
industrial accidents, even though they kill six times as many people each year.
Furthermore, the nature of occupational diseases is altering rapidly:
technological and social changes, along with global economic conditions, are
aggravating existing health hazards and creating new ones. Well-known occupational diseases,
such as pneumoconioses, remain widespread, while relatively new occupational diseases, such as mental and musculoskeletal
disorders (MSDs), are on the rise.

While much progress has been made in addressing the challenges
of occupational diseases, there is an urgent need to strengthen the
capacity for their prevention in national OSH systems. With the
collaborative effort of governments and employers' and workers'
organizations, the fight against this hidden epidemic will have to
feature prominently in new global and national agendas for safety
and health. This report for the World Day for Safety and Health
at Work outlines the current situation concerning occupational
diseases and presents proposals for addressing this serious Decent
Work deficit.

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