Wintech S.r.l.

The constant evolution of “Safety”

WINSHOES - TPU-PU - PU-PU Direct soling machine 24 stations

Since it was first founded, Wintech has always worked in the
field of safety footwear, proposing machinery for the production
of boots in thermoplastic materials through its WLX series, as
well as providing assistance and solutions to its customers in the
footwear industry.
In recent years, it has increased its efforts to extend its range dedicated to “Safety” footwear,
thus allowing it to offer its clientele machines dedicated to the most important lines
of safety products.
After the WLX series, the next major step for this brand was the creation of the WF series
for the injection of boots in polyurethane with outsole in PU or TPU.
This series of machine stands out for its extremely efficient productive cycle, which results
in a greater productive capacity compared to other similar machines currently available on
the market. It also optimizes the time needed for curing. The rotary multi-station structure,
which is both efficient and solid, allows the flash of the boots to be reduced, while also
controlling the thicknesses, thus benefitting the quality of the final product. The electronics,
which are reliable and well structured, together with the software developed in-house,
allow this big and complex machine to be managed in a simple and dependable way.
Notwithstanding the many operations carried out throughout the productive cycle, the
operating system with field bus ensures all the flexibility and integration needed to work
together with peripheral machines.
With its latest project, “Winshoes”, Wintech has returned to the world of “Direct soling”
with a machine characterized by innovative technical solutions.

The patented mould-holder, with an original system of closing and an electronically controlled pouring unit, allow for the production of TPU outsoles with a reduced thickness
that cannot be found in any other machine. The innovative ring support guarantees excellent closing on the upper, automatically compensating for the mould differences, unlike other machines currently available on the market, while above all simplifying and making all the external operations on the rotary machine easier to carry out with a patented “open
space” opening system on the front of the machine.

At the same time, with its great opening strokes than that of the competition, this frontal system of rings simplifies, in particular, operations of silicone sealing,
while also increasing the quality of the product and the productivity of the machine. The advantages of this new system extend to include all operations in the mould area, including
mounting the inserts, mounting complete soles, changing the mould, as well as adjusting and cleaning the mould.
In terms of Winshoes’ electronics, much progress has been made, and thanks to this, the
end result is an extremely versatile machine.

The machine operates as part of a combined mould with all the other peripheral units of the rotary machine, from the injectors to all of the automation, insomuch that every unit can be replaced and is interchangeable for eventual maintenance operations.

The software developed by Wintech guarantees the
maximum flexibility in all the various productive phases of the machine, helping also prevent eventual failures and thus limiting the number of discards and halts in production.

This wide range of solutions adopted by Winshoes makes it not only innovative and extremely reliable, but, above all, extremely efficient in production, thus allowing it to completely
surpass all other machines currently available on the market.