Bata Nederland B.V.

The new BS2000: the sporty all-rounder

Ladies' model Lena

Just like its predecessor, the new BS2000 safety shoe from Bata Industrials combines optimum wearing comfort with the look of a trainer. The new BS2000 collection comprises six ladies’ models and various ESD (Electro Static Discharge) models. In addition, all S3 models are equipped with a sturdy TPU toecap, integrated in the design.

The BS2000 safety shoes incorporate various intelligent techniques and features which increase the wearer's walking pleasure. All of the models are equipped with a dual density polyurethane (PU) anti-slip sole, and the active breathable and moisture-removing Bata Cool Comfort-lining, which contributes to an optimum climate control in the shoe. Thanks to its ideal support of the natural action of the foot, the Easy Rolling System provides the wearer with added comfort and energy savings. The built-in shock absorber, better known as the Tunnelsystem, spares the joints, keeps the wearer upright and ensures perfect stability. The BS2000 is also manufactured with a new shank, constructed from high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This combination of a stabiliser and shock-absorber ensures better balance, added stability and extra comfort. Additionally, this revamped tour de force based on an anatomical last provides added protection and energy to the mid-foot. The result: better circulation in the feet, less weariness and maximum protection during the heaviest work. In addition, the new, extra-thick middle sole on the outside ensures better cushioning and stability. The high-quality nubuck upper adds the perfect finishing touch to this shoe available in sizes 35 through 49.
For added wear resistance, the S3 models are manufactured with a toecap made from TPU integrated in the design, a novelty which extends the life of the shoe thus generating cost savings.

ESD and ladies’ models
Additionally, with the Tacoma ESD, Ottawa ESD, Orlando ESD and Toledo ESD, Bata Industrials offers four ESD models, which more than satisfy the valid standards (0,1 - 35 MOhm). This feature offers the solution for preventing or limiting electrostatic charging on the work floor, and to divert any charges generated in a controlled and safe manner.
Finally, there are six models in the new collection developed specially for women. These beautifully coloured, fashionable and elegant newcomers to the BS2000 collection are available in sizes 35 to 42.