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The new Hughes Valve for greater reliability

Hughes Valve

On safety showers, the valve is the first point of failure. That's why we have always insisted on using the best. It's the only way to guarantee reliable, long life products that consistently deliver the most effective treatment in emergencies.

The use of top quality valves has helped to define Hughes as a market leader and we are constantly trying to make improvements for even better performance.

The most recent result of these efforts is a completely new range of valves

To take quality and performance to the next level we knew we had to design our own valves. We had the manufacturing experience and the in-house design capability. We understood the practicalities of operating showers in challenging working conditions. And, most notably, we knew there was nothing on the market that came even close to meeting our design aspirations.

The new Hughes valves have been designed using the latest 3D modelling software to optimise every aspect of performance. There are 5 sizes and a range of end connections to step up or down to different pipe sizes. Straight or cranked actuator levers can be fitted at 45°or 90° to the valve body providing a choice of operating positions for maximum flexibility. The valves have a low operating torque for easy use and comply fully with the requirements of the internationally recognised ANSI Z 358.1 2009 and EN 15154 standards.

A brief look at the main features reveals the many advantages:

Investment casting of components, for example, sets the marker for quality and precision. This is reinforced with a stainless steel construction that will withstand the harshest environments and site conditions.

A 2-piece body, widely used in the manufacture of valves, provides a proven basis for the Hughes design. The blow-out-proof valve stem is built to withstand high water pressures extending the range of applications.
In an emergency, casualties understandably use excessive force to activate the shower. This transmits through the lever mechanism to the operating valve stem. On many valves this is a weak point and can result in failure. The new Hughes design eliminates the risk of damage by using a thicker, heavy-duty stop plate with multi-point contacts to distribute loading and withstand the roughest treatment.

The valve has been extensively tested under strictly controlled conditions. Repeated activations on a rig, specially designed by Hughes to replicate realistic working conditions, were monitored and results verified by an independent specialist testing house.

The control valve is often the first point of failure on an emergency safety shower. It is essential to operate a shower with a reliable valve. The new Hughes valve gives a distinct advantage over other manufacturers with a range of quality showers that now promise even greater reliability.