Bata Nederland B.V.

The new and improved Traxx: the safety shoe that everyone loves to wear

Traxx 19

The Traxx from Bata Industrials is a safety shoe that not only satisfies all of the EN ISO 20345 standards in every way, but thanks to its high level of wearing comfort and attractive appearance, also meets the needs and fulfils the wishes of modern wearers. Nominated for the Dutch Design Prizes in the ‘professional products’ category just a few years ago, the collection has recently been expanded further with the addition of a few new models.

Developed according to the latest insights in the field of movement and hygiene, and with a view to maximum protection, health and wearing comfort, the Traxx once again confirms Bata Industrials’ innovative nature. The shoe, equipped with the energy-saving Easy Rolling System, is available in a variety of designs and colours. This subtle pre-formed fore foot supports the foot's natural action, which helps prevent fatigue. The ingenious Tunnelsystem, the built-in ‘shock absorber’, compensates for unexpected movements and ensures extra comfort and stability. In addition, thanks to the QuattroTech-sole (a shoe sole with four different densities), the Traxx shoe offers perfect grip, protection and support. With every movement and on every type of surface. Finally, the application of breathable, lightweight materials, including the Bata VentAir-lining, leads to optimal climate management. The result? Dry, cool feet and a much happier wearer.

Welcome extras
The Traxx collection is recently expanded with the addition of a few new models, nearly all of which are equipped with the active breathable and moisture-removing Bata Cool Comfort-lining. In addition to the existing models with a steel mid-sole, some of the new designs also have a FlexGuard composite mid-sole. This new type of sole is wider and more flexible than the steel variant and ensures full protection for the foot and offers even better shock absorbency. The mid-sole also protects the wearer’s foot from heat and prevents the conduction of cold. In addition, several of the models are manufactured with a sturdy and wear-resistant TPU toecap integrated into the design, which extends the life of the shoe, thus generating a cost-savings. Finally, the new Traxx collection includes three types of shoe which, instead of a Bata Cool Comfort-lining, are equipped with water-resistant and breathable GORE-TEX. These shoes are particularly well-suited for work environments in which moisture represents a threat to performance and health.