Tractor Safety Initiative

Tractor overturns, runovers, entanglements, and highway collisions are are
still leading causes of death and serious injury in farming. They account for
many deaths per year. Unfortunately, it often takes a close call or tragedy to
inspire safety changes. The challenge is to spread the word and assist farmers
in making changes before a tragedy comes to their farm.

The US-American National Agricultural Tractor Safety Initiative presents proven
on-the-farm solutions. These can help you take action within your own
community - the people that really inspire change are family and friends that
share their stories and insist on safe practices. Read personal accounts from
farmers, find out about some local campaigns that are helping to keep farmers
safer on their tractors, and learn about the most recent tractor safety
research. You can also access resources to help you or your organization become
a partner in tractor safety.

In detail the page presents information on

  • Overturns

  • Runovers

  • Entanglements

  • Collisions

  • Child Injuries

  • Tractor Safety Resources

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