International Trade Press Stand

Photo: Trade Press Stand

How it works

Who can take part in the International Trade Press Stand?

Please understand that only trade publications can be considered for display. Publications of a religious, political, ideological or other thematically unrelated nature will be excluded. Messe Düsseldorf reserves the right to return to sender at the latter’s expense all journals which do not correspond with these display requirements.

How much does it cost to take part in the International Trade Press Stand?

In return for a non-recurring fee of 210 Euro (plus 19% VAT) you may display up to 250 copies of each of your trade journals. The Trade Press Stand will be set up and staffed by Messe Düsseldorf Press Department, ensuring fair and equal treatment of all trade publications.

We regret that any remaining copies cannot be returned at the end of the event for reasons of cost. Please therefore ensure that these are collected in good time after the fair.

How do I register?

Should you wish to take advantage of our offer, please complete the reply forms and return same until
25 September 2017 to the following address:

Messe Düsseldorf GmbH
Pressereferat A+A 2017
40474 Düsseldorf

Ms. Larissa Browa
Tel. : +49 (0)211 4560-549
Fax: +49 (0)211 4560 87 549

Delivery address

Copies (maximum of 250 copies) of your journals should be sent to the following address between 02 and 06 October 2017 at no expense to us:

Spedition Kühne & Nagel KG
Keyword: Fachpressestand A+A 2017
Messeplatz/ Tor 1
Westeinfahrt Messegelände
40474 Düsseldorf