Training aid for tutors in the catering and hospitality industries

The British Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has published a new training aid
for tutors in the catering and hospitality industries.

Accidents and ill health rates within the catering and hospitality industry
have been on an upward trend since 2001. In UK in 2004/05 there were over 5000
reported accidents of people injured while at work in this industry, 1224 of
which were serious and two resulted in death. With an estimated 15 000
non-reported accidents per year, this means that, on average, 55 people are
injured at work every day in the catering industry. New workers are up to 2.5
times more likely to have an accident at work than their more experienced
colleagues. Through early training on health and safety practices, we can bring
these numbers down and give them the opportunity of a long and healthy career
in catering. Occupational health issues such as work-related contact dermatitis
are a serious issue in the hospitality industry.

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AplusA-online.de - Source: Health & Safety Executive