SINOtec Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

TransLux rigid plates for welding protection and robot capsules

These plates are used as glazing of plants and machineries as a partition to the workplaces and offer welding and sight protection. The polycarbonate glass protects the machine operator against filings, coolants, lubricants as well as petrol and oils. Impacts are cushioned too.

TransLux protective plates offer
 Very high resistance to impact
 No electrical conductivity
 Resistance to petrol, oils and fats
 High toughness (elongation at tear >80 %)
 Can be formed and bent in cold condition
 Constant operable low temperature range up to -40º C
 Constant operable high temperature range up to 115º C
 Special field of application: rear window or side window

TransLux protective plates are available in different colours: T75 (dark green), T 40 (red-orange) and T50 (red-brown) are certified according DIN EN 1598. They additionally fulfil the requirements of the tests DIN plus and DIN GS. Standard size: 2500 x 1250 x 3 mm

TransLux protective plates are also available in clear colour version. The customer has the alternative to choose among the models UV-stability, anti-electrostatic or coated surface according to demand.